VCAP6-DCV Design – Risks, Requirements, Constraints and Assumptions Quiz

This simple test is designed to allow you to test to see if you know what items are classed as Risks, Requirements, Constraints or Assumptions as part of the preparation work for the VCAP6-DCV Design Exam.

Please note that the VCAP6-DCV Design exam consists only of Drag and Drop questions and Visio style design questions… there are NO multiple choice questions. By using a multiple choice quiz style, you can quickly see if the options you are selecting are correct and whether you need to study any additional areas to help you to improve. Other than the actual design elements, understanding the Risks, Requirements, Constraints and Assumptions of given quotes is a major part of the exam.

This quiz now has more than 30 questions of which you will be presented with 15 randomly selected questions.

VCAP-DCV - Design Risks, Requirements, Constraints and Assumptions

This short quiz is designed to help people looking to do the VCAP-DCV Design exams and allow them to see if they are categorizing Risks, Requirements, Constraints and Assumptions correctly.

Please note that in the current VCAP Design exams there are only drag and drop type questions and visio style design questions. By utilising the multiple choice questions in this quiz, you should be able to identify the relevant risks, requirements, constraints and assumptions that will aid with the drag and drop elements of the design exams.


  1. I went through your question and one of them maybe two started a discussion on Twitter! πŸ™‚

    The design must leverage the companies existing investment in HP ProLiant blade servers.

    Why would you say this is rather a requirement than a constraint?


    • Hi Fred,

      Thanks for the comment. I think that this was put down as a requirement in error. This has now been corrected.

      Thanks once again

  2. This topic is always difficult to learn and to practice. Therefore, I want to thank you for this informative quiz.
    Hopefully I will put my advantage in the exam πŸ˜‰


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