PowerCLI – Copy Roles, Privileges and Permissions from One vCenter to Multiple vCenters

After being asked a question around copying Roles and Privileges from one vCenter to another vCenter, I looked over many different PowerCLI scripts to perform the task with many the providing steps but never really appearing to take the process to the level that I wanted and for my customer. I considered creating my own script to get to the […]

PowerCLI – Backup and Restore ESXi Configuration (works with vSphere 7)

As you may recall from previous posts and general best practice in VMware environments, it is a good idea to perform a regular backup of both your vCenter and your ESXi host configuration.  Having these backups in place can certainly reduce the downtime in the event of an issue, and help to ease the recovery. Other blog posts have taken […]

VMware VCSA 7 Backup Process

Following on from my last blog post, I thought that it would be worthwhile taking the very good guide created by Kevin Soltow at VMware Blog (https://www.vmwareblog.org/backup-restore-vmware-vcsa-6-7/) and update this for vSphere 7. Many people may not be aware that image based backups of vCenter servers utilising products such as Veeam are deprecated in vSphere 6.7 Update 3 and are […]

vSphere 7 – Changing VCSA Appliance Size (also for vSphere 6.7)

When deploying out a vCenter appliance (VCSA), you have to choose the size of the environment that you will be managing.  Some people truly understand their current size and their growth aspirations and can therefore make an informed choice of what size to choose.  Others are restricted by resource availability at the time of deployment or their environments grow faster […]

vExpert 2020

The vExpert 2020 announcements have just been released and I am pleased to say that I have been awarded the vExpert title for another year. I’d like to thank the team for awarding me this once again and would like to congratulate returning and first time vExperts. This is an amazing community that is helping so many IT professionals with […]

VMware Acquisition – Nyansa

Yesterday (21st January 2020), saw an announcement from VMware and Nyansa (pronounced “knee-ans-sah”) sharing the intent of VMware to acquire Nyansa.  Nyansa are a relatively young company creating innovative AI-based IT infrastructure analytics software.  VMware appear to be looking to align this acquisition to their SD-WAN portfolio (Velocloud) to help drive the development of truly self-healing networks. It’s often interesting […]

Veeam Acquisition by Insight Partners

Things have certainly been changing over the last couple of years at Veeam, whilst they work on their Act II and transform themselves truly from just a backup vendor to being an all encompassing Cloud Data Management solution. On 9th January 2020, it was announced that Insight Partners would acquire Veeam for approximately $5 Billion US Dollars.  You may have […]

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