About Me

About Me

I have been in IT for the past 15 years and using virtualisation technologies for around the past 8 years.  I started, as quite a lot of people do, working with PCs after playing with such iconic systems like the ZX81, ZX Spectrum and then progressing through 386s, 486s, Pentiums etc.

After being headhunted at sixth form to work for a small company based around Hertfordshire, UK.  I began working with small businesses and gaining a lot of hardware experience.  Three years later, after helping to increase the size of the business, I needed to gain exposure to a larger environment to progress my own career.  I joined a large manufacturing company around Electronic Test and Measurement which progressed my skills onto more PC work, hardware work and then onto Server Operating Systems.  I progressed again onto a consultancy company based in Reading, UK.  Initially working as an engineer performing hardware / software installations for larger companies contracted out to the consultancy company, I moved up into a Consultant position continuing my travel across the UK assisting and providing solutions to companies.

I moved back to working in Hertfordshire, UK, again.  Back working for a large manufacturing company, this time with over 50,000 users worldwide.  I was responsible for the datacenter hardware, the storage environment and the VMware environment.  Basically, everything to do with the data centre technology across 3 data centres, except networking. My days were busy but also productive.

My current role is working for VMware as a Technical Account Manager.  This has been a change to my previous roles, as although I still get to be technical, it’s more about advising than actually being hands on.  VMware is a great company to work for, very supportive of their staff and a friendly attitude where it feels that there is always someone who is ready to assist you, if you need them.

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