VMware History – Part 1 – The first 5 Years

The idea of these pages is to provide a timeline for the full history of VMware. There have been a few sites that have created a timeline of the history of VMware in past.  VMware even have their own timeline on their website:  https://www.vmware.com/timeline.html Unfortunately, although the VMware interactive timeline is visually very good, it tends to skip over some […]

VMware Project Monterey

So, one of the major announcements from VMworld 2020 was around Project Monterey. Kit Colbert has done a great blog post on Project Monterey available here:  https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/09/announcing-project-monterey-redefining-hybrid-cloud-architecture.html Project Monterey is the next development of the vSphere environment and requires the use of SmartNICs.  In a current deployment, all of the components such as vSAN Data, NSX services and Host Management, […]

SaltStack & VMware!

So, the news broke a little while ago that VMware has announced its intention to acquire SaltStack. But what is SaltStack and what do they do?   Salt was an open source automation engine and originated from the need for high-speed data collection and task execution for data center systems administrators managing massive infrastructure scale and resulting complexity.  Originally known […]

Coronavirus Changes Everything!!

As I sit down to enjoy another full day of Zoom meetings, I started to think back over the past few months and how things have changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The stories and memories mentioned in this post are from my personal experiences during the pandemic and, although we’re not through this, I thought it would be good […]

PowerCLI – Copy Roles, Privileges and Permissions from One vCenter to Multiple vCenters

After being asked a question around copying Roles and Privileges from one vCenter to another vCenter, I looked over many different PowerCLI scripts to perform the task with many the providing steps but never really appearing to take the process to the level that I wanted and for my customer. I considered creating my own script to get to the […]

PowerCLI – Backup and Restore ESXi Configuration (works with vSphere 7)

As you may recall from previous posts and general best practice in VMware environments, it is a good idea to perform a regular backup of both your vCenter and your ESXi host configuration.  Having these backups in place can certainly reduce the downtime in the event of an issue, and help to ease the recovery. Other blog posts have taken […]

VMware VCSA 7 Backup Process

Following on from my last blog post, I thought that it would be worthwhile taking the very good guide created by Kevin Soltow at VMware Blog (https://www.vmwareblog.org/backup-restore-vmware-vcsa-6-7/) and update this for vSphere 7. Many people may not be aware that image based backups of vCenter servers utilising products such as Veeam are deprecated in vSphere 6.7 Update 3 and are […]

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