VMware VM with EFI Migration to Microsoft Azure (BAW16)

This information has been around for a little while and therefore I apologise if you have seen it already. I have been investigating the different ways to migrate virtual machines from a local VMware vSphere environment to Microsoft Azure.  The main concern that I have had is around virtual machines configured with EFI in VMware and being able to get […]

VMWorld – Preparing for your first time!!! (BAW15)

Here is a short post about what I believe that you should do in preparation to attend VMworld.  My experience is mainly based on VMworld Europe but some of the items are certainly valid for VMWorld US as well. Registration, Hotels & Travel Discounts – When you register, make sure that you take advantage of any discounts that are available.  […]

The future of Gaming – could VMware and Citrix benefit? (BAW14)

As you may have heard as part of the E3 announcements last week, there is a strong belief that after the next generation of games consoles, development on future games consoles will stop.  This type of thing has been muted around on a number of occasions but it has never really happened, so why could it happen this time? With […]

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