Congratulations All 2018 vExperts – List of vExperts Now Live (BAW10)

Firstly, congratulations to all of the vExperts who have been recognised for another year or even, for some, their first year. Once again I have also received this recognition and hope to continue to provide more articles and posts to assist people and provide information over the coming year.  This actually marks my fifth year of being accepted as a […]

Net Neutrality & Washington (BAW9)

A lot of things have been written about Net Neutrality and the FCC Net Neutrality repeal that was passed back in December 2017.  This week there was a new twist in this saga but I’ll come to that later… first lets take a look at what Net Neutrality actually is: Firstly, Net Neutrality affects us all, whenever we are utilising […]

Weekly Snapshot Report PowerCli (BAW8)

I know that a lot of people have provided snapshot reports in the past for vSphere, but a lot of them were not really suitable to work with on a regular basis.  Therefore I pulled together a short script that will list all snapshots for virtual machines that are powered on – as these are the ones where the snapshots […]

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