VCAP6-DCV Design Exam Preparation

I hope that the following information will assist people to pass their VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 – Data Centre Virtualisation Design exam. This is work in progress and therefore will be updated over the coming weeks, so please come back regularly to discover the latest updates. Exam information Exam Number:  3V0-622 Exam Price:  Approx. $400 USD Exam Duration:  175 […]

VCAP6-DCV Design – Risks, Requirements, Constraints and Assumptions Quiz

This simple test is designed to allow you to test to see if you know what items are classed as Risks, Requirements, Constraints or Assumptions as part of the preparation work for the VCAP6-DCV Design Exam. Please note that the VCAP6-DCV Design exam consists only of Drag and Drop questions and Visio style design questions… there are NO multiple choice […]

Cloud and Bimodal IT

Most people are doing some form of cloud computing already, from email to application hosting.  A growing number of people are learning about and looking to adopt a Bimodal IT design. So what is Bimodal IT?  Well, as Gartner would put it, Bimodal IT consists of two Modes.  Mode 1 is the classic legacy IT that provides stability… This is […]

VMworld Europe 2016 – Build up

So the time has come for another VMworld.  I’m writing this as I sit in an airport on my way off to Barcelona. I feel like this VMworld could be different to ones that I’ve been to previously.  I think that VMware will be making some big announcements at the European conference this week… Most notably could be the announcement […]

vSphere & Storage DR without SRM – Part 1: A thought Process

I’m hoping to provide a possible option to an issue that some people may come across in their environments. Creating a workable Disaster Recovery solution without utilising SRM… but the scenario I’m working through this solution for is a little more complex. So, with a normal vSphere environment there are a number of ways to provide a Disaster Recovery solution… […]

PowerCli – List of Tagged VMs, Datastore and Host

Here is a relatively simple PowerCli one liner that will list the virtual machines based on a VM Tag assigned to them, along with the Datastore(s) that the VM is on and the Host that the VM is currently on. The example below assumes that there is a tag with ‘Test/Dev’ in it assigned to the VMs (but this can […]

Traditional IT Countdown – 10 years

I’ve been in the IT industry for what seems like an eternity sometimes, and I have seen many changes occur with technology and how data/technology is used throughout everyones daily life. With the emergence of cloud technologies and data being consumed in different ways, we are beginning to see a real shift in IT and one that could see the […]

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