Riverbed Granite becomes Riverbed Steelfusion

A press release yesterday announced that version 3.0 of Riverbed Granite would be launched soon and will be rebranded as Riverbed Steelfusion. See the official press release here: http://www.riverbed.com/about/news-articles/press-releases/riverbed-announces-steelfusion-the-first-branch-converged-infrastructure.html Also read more information about the solution from here: http://www.riverbed.com/products-solutions/products/branch-office/converged-infrastructure.html?pid=Home_Hero%3A+Countdown+Banners+-+SteelFusion+Event#Overview

Riverbed Granite – Divisional Servers…. Centrally!!

Many of you may already be aware of the Riverbed Granite solution and some of you may already be using the solution, but some of you out there will not have even heard of Riverbed Granite and therefore the following information may prove to be useful to you. Riverbed Steelhead appliances allow for data to be optimised between two sites […]

vExpert 2014 Announcement

It’s always concerning to see information provided on 1st April, but VMware have decided to make their official announcement of vExperts for 2014 on 1st April. The official announcement is here:   http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2014/04/vexpert-2014-announcement.html The best part of the announcement is that I am pleased to announce that I have been included on the list. Thank you to anyone who visits my […]

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