VMFS Volume is locked

This is an unusual situation that I came across today, the exact issue that I faced was related to an issue with a Riverbed Steelfusion appliance but could easily happen to a normal VMware environment. With Riverbed Steelfusion, we present out a LUN to a remote location as iSCSI… this remote location creates the datastore etc. as with a normal […]

VMware Build Numbers to Products

Building on my previous post linking to the knowledgebase article on the VMware build numbers, I thought that it would also be useful to provide a listing of the versions.  My intention is to update this listing when the main document is updated. This information is taken from the knowledgebase article as of:  15th October 2014 Converter Standalone / Enterprise […]

Correlating VMware Product Build Numbers to Update Levels

This is a Knowledgebase Article that I have bookmarked and use quite often, especially when determining what patch level you are on with things like ESXi.  If you look in vCenter or directly on the ESXi server, you will simply see the product build number… something like:  1746018  for an ESXi host and you know roughly that it is ESXi […]

Discovering the Names of ‘Unknown’ VMs

If you have had any issues with storage failing then you may have seen this issue – the virtual machines appear in vSphere as being ‘Unknown‘ and ‘(inaccessible)‘, as seen in the image. Usually if the storage comes back up and the host has the storage rescanned then these will revert back to their correct name and the everything is fine […]

My Tips for VMworld

As I have just come back from VMworld in San Francisco, I thought that I would put together some tips for first time visitors and some for people who have visited before… hopefully this will allow people to get the most out of the conference.  These tips count for both San Francisco and Barcelona. Tips: Purchasing your ticket – make […]

Pat Gelsinger – Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket Virtual ice bucket Pat Gelsinger was called out earlier in the week at VMWorld and stood on the outside stage at the party to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. In true VMware style they first did a virtual version where paper planes from the charity fundraising activity were poured over him… to a huge number of boos, he […]

The Build Up to VMworld San Francisco

So, we are only a couple of days away from VMworld in San Francisco and my feelings towards it are mixed at the moment… not because of the content of the sessions or the event itself but more of the unknown. Let me explain some more about this… I’ve gone and visited VMworld in Europe for the past 4 or […]

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