Skyline Advisor Pro – Proactive Support

I’ve been using VMware Skyline for a while and have seen how the product has changed over time.  The tool has a number of useful features and is continually improving. Skyline Advisor Pro is the next evolution of VMware Skyline and is probably one of the biggest changes that has happened with Skyline over the last couple of years.  Let’s […]

VMworld 2021 – Suggested Persona Based Sessions

There are many blog posts out there are going to suggest the best sessions to attend at VMworld.  As a different approach to this, one of my colleagues has made session suggestions based upon the type of persona you may have.  Thank you Lewis Bowman, I think that this is a great way to approach choosing your sessions.       […]

All Change at the Top – VMware

As you will have seen over the past couple of months, there have been a number of changes occurring at the top within VMware. My previous blog post focused on Pat Gelsinger leaving to head back to Intel (and he seems to be doing some good stuff there in his first few months).  So this saw Raghu Raghuram named as […]

Goodbye Pat – A Loss for VMware, a Gain for Intel

Lots of things have been said about Pat Gelsinger moving across to Intel on 15th February 2021 but I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to share my thoughts. Although I now work for VMware, most of my professional career and my interactions with VMware prior to this were as a customer.  I started working with […]

VMware Flings – Investigate New Tools and Apps

VMware Flings can be quite amazing but may not have the visibility that they deserve.  So what are Flings? Well, VMware Flings have been around for quite a long time and can be found at:  Flings are designed to allow engineers and the community to explore new apps and tools.  The flings themselves will only have community support on […]

vSphere 7 U1c – Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion

Just before the new year, VMware released an update to vSphere 7 Update 1 with the Update 1c variant.  Usually these types of updates are released to address security concerns or to fix bugs and there isn’t usually any new features that could get you excited.  This time, though, it is slightly different with the release of the Advanced Cross […]

VMware History – Part 1 – The first 5 Years

The idea of these pages is to provide a timeline for the full history of VMware. There have been a few sites that have created a timeline of the history of VMware in past.  VMware even have their own timeline on their website: Unfortunately, although the VMware interactive timeline is visually very good, it tends to skip over some […]

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